February 2015

Duty and Doctrine: The Origin Story of Southwestern University

Part duty, part doctrine and all drama, Southwestern’s story of origin begins before Texas became a state. For many years—perhaps ever since another university 75 miles to the north opened...   Read More

A Community in Pursuit

Personal reflections from four unique, and yet similar, perspectives. As Southwestern embarks on a year-long celebration of its 175th anniversary, representatives of the faculty, staff, alumni and student body reflect...   Read More

A Realized Dream: Paying It Forward

A 1966 graduate of Southwestern, Truman J Odiorne grew up on a family ranch in Johnson City, Texas, where his values were shaped by a close-knit family and his involvement...   Read More

2015 Brown Symposium to Focus on 3-D Printing

Twenty years ago, the thought of “bioprinting” human body parts seemed like the stuff of science fiction. Now it is commonplace, along with such things as using 3-D printing to...   Read More