Duty and Doctrine: The Origin Story of Southwestern University

Part duty, part doctrine and all drama, Southwestern’s story of origin begins before Texas became a state. For many years—perhaps ever since another university...   Read More

A Community in Pursuit

Personal reflections from four unique, and yet similar, perspectives. As Southwestern embarks on a year-long celebration of its 175th anniversary, representatives of the faculty,...   Read More

A Realized Dream: Paying It Forward

A 1966 graduate of Southwestern, Truman J Odiorne grew up on a family ranch in Johnson City, Texas, where his values were shaped by...   Read More

2015 Brown Symposium to Focus on 3-D Printing

Twenty years ago, the thought of “bioprinting” human body parts seemed like the stuff of science fiction. Now it is commonplace, along with such...   Read More

Educators Receive Unique Education at Southwestern

For 15 consecutive years, a Southwestern education major has received one of four scholarships awarded annually by the Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators...   Read More

Pursuing One’s Passion

Ask self-described mom, writer, aerialist and lover of all things cats, Tolly Moseley ’04, how she ended up at Southwestern and the answer comes...   Read More

New Era for Pirate Basketball

Change is not easy, whatever the situation. But Janson Hightower, Southwestern’s new head basketball coach, says, “The transition has gone smoothly so far.” Because...   Read More

What Things May Come

The 37th annual Brown Symposium will take place at Southwestern University Feb. 26–27, 2015, and will focus on the impact of three dimensional (3D)...   Read More

Top 10 Moments of 2014

[iframe src=”https://magic.piktochart.com/embed/3873811-top-10-su-moments-of-2014″ height=”2250″ width=”100%” ] Please post below and add your top moments of 2014!

Students New Role in Community-Engaged Learning

Pictured Above: CELTAs Adrienne Dodd and Ben Galindo, help manage Southwestern’s community garden CELTAs, or Community-Engaged Learning Teaching Assistants, are students who support the...   Read More