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Seniors Teaching Seniors

Seniors at Southwestern University are teaching the other “seniors” in Georgetown something new.

In February 2015, Southwestern seniors came together with senior citizens from the Georgetown community through the Senior University program to explore art history. Assistant Professor of Art History Allison Miller asked students to submit proposals and then hand-picked five seniors to lead five different lectures.

Senior Morgan Drake was one of the five students chosen. As an art history major minoring in religion, Drake’s presentation was on cultural heritage and art law in North America. Her lecture focused on different art works and the cultural heritage they held for their land or origin. She also spoke of laws passed in order to gain access to different works of art.

The class participated enthusiastically as Drake presented on the subject. Senior citizens asked questions which Drake happily responded to, forming vivid conversations between the generations.

“It’s my second time in the class and I really enjoyed this one. It’s refreshing for young people to be teaching us something new. You gain a different perspective,” said Bill Osborn, one of the senior citizens who attended Drake’s class.

“I am glad people enjoyed my lecture. It was a fantastic experience! It’s an opportunity to allow students to speak about or teach something that we are really interested in,” said Drake.

The Senior University Georgetown website describes the program as “a membership organization offering (people) over 50 years of age a varied program of classes, lectures, travel … and other learning opportunities designed to provide intellectual stimulation, cultural experiences and personal enjoyment.”

Senior University is also an exciting way for SU students to engage with and give back to the Georgetown community. From the looks of it, both SU seniors and Georgetown senior citizens think it is a rewarding experience!

Story by Daniella A. Barrera

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