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Exploring Liberal Arts Through the Life and Lyrics of Bob Dylan

For 50 years, the music, words, story and fans of Bob Dylan have fascinated David Gaines. And for more than 30 years, Gaines, associate professor of English and Director of...   Read More

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The New Faces of Engagement

Gabe Gomez and Paul Secord are the new guys in town and on campus. Both Gomez and Secord joined the Southwestern staff on June 1, 2015.Фундамент на сваях с ростверком...   Read More

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Building on Memories

In celebration of the 175th anniversary of Southwestern’s original charter, alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends are etching their way into University history with engraved bricks to be placed...   Read More

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A Long-Distance Relationship with Plato

The Sunshine State may be known for its theme parks, but Central Florida’s state parks also offer affordable family fun with a fresh, natural twist. How many state parks can...   Read More